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PCB design

DATATEHNIK can offer services in all stages of the production process - from the simplest semi-finishing to whole production process (design, simulate, manufacture, testing, multiplying).

More than 100,000 of our circuit is built into the devices around world. Our partners are the largest companies in Sweden and recent capacity expansion, we began to work for American and domestic market.

  • Electronics design: products for industry and consumer
  • PCB design
  • Design according to customer requirements
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Serial production
  • Continuous control
  • Testing of functionality
  • Procurement of electronic components

We use high quality equipment, tools and supplies of Japanese and American manufacturers. Our long-term cooperation with famous suppliers of components in this part of Europe provide the best prices to our customers. We also have stock of the most popular SMT components.

What is most interesting for each user:

  • Price: Our prices are comparable with the prices of far eastern manufacturers and sometimes lower, depending on amount requsted
  • Quality: The quality is our goal.
  • Delivery time: Often the delivery is extremely short: 1-2 days if the customer requires. Most of the time lose by waiting to collect all the necessary components.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Some of the products in which are our electronic assemblies: